Visiting Assistant Professor at Hamilton College   (315) 859-4882   SCCT 3038

Research Interests

  • Environmental/Conservation Psychology
  • Social Psychology

I focus on the psychology of environmental problems. Broadly, I study the gap between what we know is good for us and the natural environment, and what we actually do. I design quantitative laboratory, survey, and field studies on attitudes and behavior in social contexts. For example, social identities such as political affiliation and motivations such as the desire to feel good about ourselves can predict responses to persuasive messages and collective problems.




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Faculty member, Water Behavior & Policy Group, UCSB

Recent media

The Santa Barbara Independent. Walking the environmental walk.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio One: Psychology of water conservation

Washington Post: Can your personality explain how you feel about the Keystone XL pipeline? Do you have an eco personality?

Southern California Public Radio: Drought: The psychology of why people aren't saving water

Selected articles

Brick, C., McCully, S. N., Updegraff, J. A., Ehret, P. J., Areguin, M., & Sherman, D. K. (in press). The impact of cultural exposure and message framing on oral health behavior: Exploring the role of message memory. Medical Decision Making. PDF

Binning, K. R., Brick, C., Cohen, G. L., & Sherman, D. K. (2015). Going along versus getting it right: The role of self-integrity in political conformity. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 56, 73-88. PDF

Brick, C., & Lewis, G. J. (e-pub ahead of print). Unearthing the “green” personality: Core traits predict environmentally friendly behavior. Environment and Behavior. PDF

Updegraff, J. A., Brick, C., Emanuel, A. S., Mintzer, R. E., & Sherman, D. K. (2014). Message framing for oral health: Moderation by perceived susceptibility and motivational orientation in a diverse sample of Americans. Health Psychology. PDF

Finez, L., Sherman, D. K., & Brick, C. (2014). Affirmations. In R. C. Eklund & G. Tenenbaum (Eds.), Encyclopedia of sport and exercise psychology (pp. 23-4). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. PDF

Brick, C., Seely, D. L., & Palermo, T. M. (2010). Association between sleep hygiene and sleep quality in medical students. Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 8(2), 113–121. PDF

Canseco-Gonzalez, E., Brehm, L., Brick, C., Brown-Schmidt, S., Fischer, K., & Wagner, K. (2010). Carpet or cárcel: the effect of age of acquisition and language mode on bilingual lexical access. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25(5), 669-705. PDF

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Senior Thesis

Senior thesis students 2016-17

Senior thesis students 2016-17

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2014   SPSP/EASP Summer School Fellowship

2013   Graduate Fellowship in Psychology, Environment, and Public Policy

2013   NIDCR Building Bridges Award, APS Convention 2013

2013   Excellence in Teaching Award, UC Santa Barbara

2011   Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation